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Perks and Benefits
Your Tagaytay Wedding Café Membership Perks and Benefits include:
Tagaytay Wedding Café will provide a common secretary that will assist and entertain potential walk-in clients.
Tagaytay Wedding Café will provide a specific place where members can put their brochure, calling cards and album.
Tagaytay Wedding Café will provide a common table, two seaters, for the members to have their own product and service presentation. Maximum of one hour per session not unless otherwise there are no succeeding schedule are listed.
Tagaytay Wedding Café’s friendly, professional and dedicated staffs who works closely with members regarding their clients questions and concerns.
Acknowledgement on Tagaytay Wedding Café real wedding blogs in which your company is credited with direct link on your portfolio.
A portfolio on Tagaytay Wedding Café website which displays your works, social media, archieved features and contact information.
Because our style-savvy, sophisticated brides deserve a wedding resource they can trust, Tagaytay Wedding Café is created with them in mind. It is intended for a worry-free preparation to soon-to-weds and for our valued vendors to enjoy while they showcase their talents and service.
Thank you for your interest and we are looking forward to your application.
Most Sincerely,
Tagaytay Wedding Café,